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Our mission is to confront the consensus and defy the impossibility of a superior result throughout the entire investment cycle

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Founder l Chief Investment Officer

Investment professional with more than 20 years of experience in the global capital markets. Chartered Financial Analyst.

Focus: Global investment leadership and multi-asset strategies

(917) 847-7662

Bernardo Belham
Executive Member | Director
Business Executive and Entrepreneur with 10 years experience in commercial real estate development

Focus: Business development and private real estate strategies

Roger Correa, LUTCF
Executive Member | Director
Head of Wealth Management Group
Investment Professional with 20 years of experience in Wealth Management and Succession Planning.

Focus: Relationship Management​

Diogo Parreiras
Executive Member | Director Co-Head of Business Development

Business Executive and Entrepreneur. Trading professional.

Focus: Institutional Clients

"At Brazen Capital we strive to attract and retain the best talent on the street by offering individuals an environment for professional and personal growth."

Leonardo Cardoso, Founder

Management Team

Leonardo Cardoso, CFA

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We are Brazen

Brazen Capital is an independent investment manager and advisor providing discretionary and non-discretionary investment management services and products to individual investors, families and institutional clients located or domiciled within or outside of the U.S.

With help from our technology and quantitative affiliate, QUANTGATE SYSTEMS, we offer "quantamentaly" driven proprietary investment strategies across the entire risk spectrum and throughout multiple asset classes. We not only design our strategies but we also partner with other investment professionals that share our investment philosophy, which is anchored by our Core Beliefs and Time-Tested Principles.

We believe that effective investment research, analysis, and trading techniques, together with sound portfolio management concepts can generate above average risk-adjusted returns over a full investment cycle.

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is rooted on the ideas of Risk/Return Tradeoff, Efficient Market Hypothesis and Optimized Dynamic Asset Allocation (the Core Beliefs), which together with a Disciplined Investment Management Process improves the chance to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over a full investment cycle.

We help clients seeking to earn more than they could on their own through portfolio design, financial advice, trade execution and risk management. Our services include large scale asset management for institutional clients and wealth management for individual clients and families.