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Powered by our quantitative partner, QuantGate Systems Inc., Brazen iQ is our "QUANTAMENTAL" answer to a new era of machines rising and taking control over nearly all aspects of investment decision making.


Brazen iQ integrates the Traditional Investment Management Process with the analytical power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Proprietary Algorithms to pursue our shared mission to "Challenge the Consensus and Defy Impossibilities".


The increased convergence between fundamentally and quantitatively driven investment management processes has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that a "quantamental" approach is the new standard of investing.

Under our Brazen Bold Series, we offer the follow quantitatively driven investment strategies:

  • Quantitative behavioral analysis: our Artificial Intelligence Robotic Trading strategy (FALCON) dissects emotional and psychological behavioral patterns of all participants in the market, delivering real time and true market perception of where the market is heading, eliminating emotional influence on trading decisions.

  • Statistical arbitrage: capitalizes on arbitrage opportunities, differences in prices for fractions of seconds between identical securities or assets, or among a group of securities or assets that behave identically. Statistical algorithms explore relationships between securities with the expectation that mispricings further diverge or effectively converge over time. Effectively: “buy (relatively) low, sell (relatively) high”. Big data and increased computational power together with alternative data as an added factor have further enhanced this approach. Beta is minimized; this is a pure alpha.

  • Factor investing: seeks to identify certain factors that describe and drive a successful company or successful security. This requires an understanding of both the company and the security (which are different from each other) and look at various quantitative and fundamental factors to control exposures. Identifying these factors depict sources of risk that reward investors with superior returns over time. Smart beta strategies are one of these approaches.

  • Risk Parity: looks to keep the overall riskiness of assets constant across the portfolio by switching risk exposures to meet set initial constraints on an exposure level, where exposure may not be a market or volatility exposure but a different type of risk exposure.

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