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Proprietary Investment Strategies

Brazen Investment Series

Proprietary investment strategies

Financial Data

What is it?

At Brazen Capital, we understand that each investor has unique financial goals and risk tolerances. That's why we've developed proprietary investment strategies designed to meet the diverse needs of individual investors, families, and institutional clients.


Our investment strategies are the result of a rigorous and data-driven process, combining the latest in financial technology and quantitative analysis with the timeless principles of risk/return tradeoff and efficient market hypothesis.


Our investment strategies are designed to help clients earn more than they could on their own, through a combination of portfolio design, financial advice, trade execution, and risk management. Whether you're seeking to build wealth, plan for retirement, or preserve your capital, our proprietary investment strategies offer customized solutions to help you achieve your financial goals.


So why wait? Invest in your future today and discover the power of Brazen Capital's proprietary investment strategies.

Flagship Strategies

Brazen Investment Series are our proprietary investment strategies that are deployed via separately managed accounts or pooled vehicles.


Fully diversified and easy to understand investment strategies with global exposure to fixed income, equities and alternative investments.

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Investment strategies that provides clients specific and targeted risk/reward opportunities that are markedly different from a broadly diversified and multi‐asset allocation strategies such as the Brazen Global Beta Series

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