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"Tip of the spear" investment strategies striving for low correlations to mainstream strategies and uncommon risk/reward characteristics

About the Brazen Bold Series (BBS)

The goal of BBS investment strategies is to provide clients with more specific and targeted risk/reward opportunities that are markedly different from a broadly diversified and multi‐asset allocation strategies such as the Brazen Global Beta Series. The objective of BBS investment strategies is usually growth of principal, but not at the full expense of protecting the principal. Income generation is mainly incidental to the strategies, unless it is explicitly recognized as part of the objective of the strategy.

Our Bold Flagship Strategy: Stealth Trading

"Stealth Trading uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms within a robotic execution mechanism to defy the impossibility of superior returns".

Focusing on rates, currencies, credit, equities, derivatives and alternatives, our multi-asset trading strategy are deployed on managed accounts (and soon to be on pooled vehicles). The strategy relies on real-time analysis of the order book to establish predictive relationships between perception, commitment, equilibrium and sentiment. These algorithms are deployed in a rigorous, systematic investment framework. The goal of the strategy is to estimate the dynamics of short-term pricing direction across all liquid assets globally in order to identify opportunities to deploy risk to maximize reward.

The investment approach incorporates analysis of the four signals as well as prediction of the short-term price cycle on more than 30,000 liquid instruments traded globally. The strategy places a strong focus on risk management with multiple layers of risk controls, in an effort to limit the frequency and severity of drawdowns.

- A.T., Individual Client
“I'm very happy with the team at Brazen Capital. They understand my needs!!!”  
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