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Proprietary Investment Strategies

Brazen Investment Series

Proprietary investment strategies

Financial Data

What is it?

At Brazen Capital, we understand that each investor has unique financial goals and risk tolerances. That's why we've developed proprietary investment strategies designed to meet the diverse needs of individual investors, families, and institutional clients. Our investment strategies are the result of a rigorous and data-driven process, combining the latest in financial technology and quantitative analysis with the timeless principles of risk/return tradeoff and efficient market hypothesis. Our investment strategies are designed to help clients earn more than they could on their own, through a combination of portfolio design, financial advice, trade execution, and risk management. Whether you're seeking to build wealth, plan for retirement, or preserve your capital, our proprietary investment strategies offer customized solutions to help you achieve your financial goals. So why wait? Invest in your future today and discover the power of Brazen Capital's proprietary investment strategies.

"Fully diversified and easy to understand investment strategies with global exposure to fixed income, equities and alternative investments"

Our Brazen Global Beta Series

We built the Global Series with simplicity in mind, but the strategy still robust enough to provide coverage over the full
spectrum of risk/return and to be able to accommodate any type of risk profile.

In a cost-effective way, Brazen Global Series are designed and constructed with forward thinking, but historical awareness of the risks involved around an uncertain future . The Series also follows a disciplined, systematic and repeatable process to use risk efficiently and effectively in its quest to deliver positive risk adjusted returns over full investment cycles.

The Brazen Global Baseline Portfolios

The Global Baseline Portfolios are the simplest way to build a globally diversified core position based on a client's Risk Tolerance Assessment (RTA) and using low-cost vehicles.

The BGBP should be viewed as an entry point or building block to more complex and/or Customized Investment Programs. Our Investment Solutions Group rely on the baseline strategy to begin the conversation with clients regarding optimum risk taking, to compare existing investment portfolios and to assess prior investment decisions.

Brazen Global Investment Strategies

The Global Investment Strategies use a "Best in Class" approach to identify the best possible mix of investment selection to achieve a targeted expected return or risk.


The BGIS also use low-cost vehicles and the client's Risk Tolerance Assessment (RTA) to identify optimum risk taking. This active strategy seeks to provide a more granular exposure to global financial markets while emphasizing those areas that exhibit positive risk adjusted returns.

- A.T., Individual Client
“I'm very happy with the team at Brazen Capital. They understand my needs!!!”  
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