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2019 Outlook and Positioning

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

The new year arrived with the expectation for a global economic growth deceleration, tighter U.S. monetary policy and continued US - China trade tension.

2018 turned out to be a year where dormant volatility picked up. US equity markets staged a mini crash towards the beginning and ending on the year.

Check your long-term direction and your investment plan in order to avoid being forced to liquidate assets at the most unfortunate moment.

Time horizon is everything and capital markets reward those investors who are patient.

Positioning for 2019

We are navigating or models towards a neutral stance ahead of a year that will mark the longest economic expansion in the history of the US market. With that said, we still like equities but only the most fundamentally sound one. We think that high yield bonds are fairly price and maybe even a little rich as spread widening is at center of our forecasts for 2019. The global slowdown and #earningspeak have arrived in full force.

Stay alert and attentive for opportunities to shape your portfolio.

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